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Naked Kimchi & Co

Signature Kimchi -Monthly Subscription

Signature Kimchi -Monthly Subscription

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Boost your gut health and immune system with our monthly subscription of Signature Kimchi! Made with fermented ingredients, our kimchi is packed with beneficial probiotics and nutrients. Enjoy the delicious and nutritious benefits of kimchi with the convenience of a monthly supply.


Get your monthly fix of Signature Kimchi with our 1 kg subscription, delivered right to your door once a month. Need more kimchi? No problem, just reach out to us and we'll gladly provide more for you.

Experience the benefits of natural fermentation with Naked Kimchi & Co! Our vegan gluten-free kimchi is more than just food; it nourishes both body and mind with probiotics, prebiotics, and bold flavors. Plus, by supporting refugee employment and offering a diversity of menus, we promote unity and culture. Join our monthly subscription for a healthier, tastier life.


Experience the perfect blend of Ukrainian and Korean traditions with Signature Kimchi -Monthly Subscription. Our recipe, passed down from generations, includes Napa cabbage, root veggies, and a special Korean seasoning blend for a unique taste and numerous health benefits. Made with local ingredients in a sustainable manner, this kimchi is perfect for any meal, whether it's rice, noodles, breakfast, sandwiches, wraps, or salads. Restaurant grade and verified by top chefs, it's a versatile and healthy choice for all.


Ingredients: Napa Cabbage (84.5%), Carrot, Rock Salt, Ginger, Turmeric, Garlic, Onion, Parsley, Seaweed, Gochugaru, Cooked Gluten Free Rice Powder.

Allergy Advice: No Allergens, suitable for gluten free diets, vegetarian, vegan friendly.

Storage: Keep refrigerated at all times, when opened consume within 2 month. Minimise saliva exposure. 

Packaging: The product packaging will differ from what is pictured. Product will arrive in eco- friendly fully recyclable pouches. 

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